« Speedfinding » your travel mates in Europe

On Thursday 14th of October 2021, I participated in a speed friending. The event was created to celebrate the Erasmus+ days. I was the host and the participants were pupils studying business, health and care, services and relations.

I explained the concept :

Pupils had to ask questions to each other to organize a road trip in Europe
They had three minutes to find their travel mates, they could write their names on cards. I explained how they should fill the card. « Ditch » means they don’t want the person.

Once it was done, i switched on the timer and i waited for five minutes until the time was up. My team-mate Phibrowena rang the bell and they swapped partners. Then Paul became the host so that I could find my travel mates, too !

Honestly i liked that event because, i found it original and funny to speak to strangers and try to be friends with them in a short time. Sometimes it was a pity when the time was up, because talking with people was so interesting ,we did not have time to finish the conversation.

Hasanti Ahamada Gaya 1MA (métiers de l’accueil)

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